To Make Amazing Things Every Day

I have always wanted to create a connection between brands and consumers and I have always wanted to improve brands in the process. I have always believed that knowing the method, process and tools is not enough to create connections that are relevant and memorable.

It’s just the beginning.

Now, after more than 18 years helping to create these connections in Sage and other businesses, learning day by day, and drinking from countless sources, I think I’m ready to tell, the best stories, give them life and make connections are effective.

Discover the best Arturo update to date.

Holistic Vision

Over 18 years in Sage Spain working together with marketing teams, creative agencies and together with the global brand team to conceptualize, create and execute marketing and brand campaigns, both internal and external of all types.

Working closely with:

  • Executive Iberia Board
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer and Profesional Services
  • IT and HR teams
  • Events agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Digital agencies
  • Photographers
  • Freelances



To Think

FY17, the entire strategic creative concept for 'product launch' working alongside internal teams and various agencies, developing the global marketing campaign, external and internal.

To Lead

Develop and coordinate the creative and graphic part of events in Sage Spain, during the past FY in Sage Summit and Sage Sessions is a good example.

To Develop

Arturo 2.0 comes with all kinds of digital and print assets.

Awesome Core Features

Arturo 2.0 has a passion to do, to know and to discover. It arrives with the suitcase full of experiences, references, interests, curiosity and many desires to grow in an environment of maximum exigency.

Ability to contribute, to be part of the conversation, to teach everyone and to learn from everyone.

Flexible, not only adapts easily to changing environments, but is able to generate change, to transform things, to contribute. Working as a team to solve problems with creative solutions.

Adobe Creative Suite

Advanced mastery of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, XD

MS Office

Advanced mastery of PowerPoint and Word. No problems to develop in OneNote, Excel and SharePoint in mac.

UX Solutions

Controlling Sketch, Axure and Google Material Design. User-centered wireframe and prototypes.

Other Solutions

Internal aplications, Course of Sitecore, HTML, CSS, a touch of back-end developer and photography skills.

Third-generation brand checker

Before Arturo 2.0

Work that needs tweaking, lots of agency work in all kinds of assets.

With Arturo 2.0

I have been responsible of brand guidelines training internally and externally to agencies. Supervising the brand in all pieces generated by agencies, coordinating and working with external teams in campaigns and events.

Second-generation performance driver

Their ability to work it and overcoming makes Arturo 2.0 can work at the highest level, exceeding even the highest expectations.

2 year

marketing knowledge

For 2 years I work with the field marketing team where I create and develop with creative agencies the campaigns for our clients from conception to their deployment. This has allowed me to have a broad knowledge of marketing strategies, media and work with teams focused on specific goals of lead generation and business opportunities.

Fresh Mind

Out of Sage

Prior to working on Sage I worked as a freelancer in various communication and design agencies. Currently I combine my work in Sage with freelance work to help other companies and NGOs improve their image and brand recognition.

Time Records

Mr. Wolf falls short

Arturo 2.0 works with ultra short deadlines. Where others do not raise it, he successfully finishes all the challenges.
40 adaptations of paid-media Banners in one morning
1 day to make a motivational video
2 days to propose and develop Sage Summit signage

The people he serves

This is one of the things worth working with Arturo 2.0

Está perfecto, Arturo. Es que eres un crack! Nada que añadir
Mil gracias y muy buenos días!!!

Someone very closeAll statements have been taken from the email.

Jolín Arturo, está estupendo ¡! J
plas, plas!!

Someone from the Marketing TeamAll statements have been taken from the email.

Arturo es un genio y es mi sueño de hombre. Lástima que esté casado 😛

Some of my bossesAll statements have been taken from the email.

We could not have done this without you. Thank you very much for all the effort. Great to be working with you again.

Someone from the global teamAll statements have been taken from the email.